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TaxxDog was founded by JeanMarie Hinds in 2006 to serve the middle-income individual and small business market in and around Appleton, Wisconsin with affordable tax planning and small business advising.  At TaxxDog, you will find personal, convenient, and accurate service.

Do you use a Registered Tax Return Preparer?

JeanMarie Hinds is designated as a Registered Tax Return Preparer with the Internal Revenue Service.

How is TaxxDog different?
Is locally-owned and managed.  When you are seeking a personal and proactive focus,  TaxxDog lasers in on what it will take for you or your business to succeed financially.
We support your dreams and we are here year-round.

Still struggling to prepare your taxes using out-of-the-box home computer software?
At TaxxDog, we have the most current and professional versions of tax software.  We have the training, experience, and aptitude to accurately complete tax returns day in and day out.  We follow all of the newest tax laws and tax court rulings.  We work with tax jargon and concepts every day, all year long.

Does your accounting service match the size of your new business?
You need a service that has the knowledge and experience to help your business grow but you may not want the level of expense the “big dogs” charge. We can tailor our fees to support your current tax planning and accounting needs. And we will be there each step of the way as your business grows more successful each year.


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Profile of our client
Our clients are energetic, forward-thinking community business people, often employed full-time while nurturing their dreams of or just starting to create their own small businesses.

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